Graduate Study

We currently offer a Ph.D. in Human and Community Development (HCD) and a M.S. in Design and Merchandising. Both programs are interdisciplinary and relate to sustainability. Current students come from diverse educational backgrounds, including interior design, business administration, architecture, fashion design and merchandising, and fields relating to sustainability.

The PhD in Human and Community Development (HCD) area of emphasis is intended for candidates with a design background and/or professionals with prior experience in community and/or economic development. The program provides graduates with access to a variety of courses and faculty expertise to help candidates develop an interdisciplinary perspective of human and community development. To this end, the program is flexible and relies on the intellectual maturity and curiosity of the student and the guidance of the student’s graduate committee, particularly the major professor, to develop an individualized, tailor-made curriculum to suit a student’s career and professional aspirations. The primary objective of the PhD in HCD is to educate professionals capable of meeting the demands at the highest levels of their chosen occupations.

The M.S. in Design and Merchandising focuses on research addressing design interaction and inclusive design; environmental sustainability; applications of new materials and technologies; new forms and new product design; and new developments in the history of design criticism and curation. Merchandising involves the commercial dissemination of these designs and extends research into the area of consumer behavior.

For more information about graduate study opportunities, please contact:

Judith Wasserman, MLA, MRP
Director, School of Design & Community Development